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about us 

Just a bit

We Know Recruitment uses streamlined recruitment solutions that just make sense - this includes our use of modern technology, a good sense of the market, and following lean processes.

We Take The Time and care to understand your business, the structure, its culture, its values, and more importantly, its people. We then align our recruitment strategy accordingly.

We Provide tailored staffing support for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations, across Australia.

We Specialise in finding the best candidates to align perfectly with your business and workforce needs.

Our recruitment experience is diverse, spreading across a variety of blue and white collar industries, including; Human Resources, Energy & Mining, Water & Wastewater, Local/State Government, Legal, IT, Finance, Operations, Transport, Supply Chain, Security, NDIS/Disability Services and Non-For-Profit.

Being agile, utilising a variety of resources, while keeping insight into our ever-changing market has given us the capability to support businesses in workforce planning during times of need. 


Providing value-adding support as an extension of existing and high-performing Talent Acquisition/HR teams, we've had amazing opportunities to support businesses with Operational Restructure recruitment projects in fast-paced, high volume, and highly confidential environments.

As a candidate, it is important that you are supported in realising your dream role, at a company that is right for you. A company whose values align closely with yours, who can provide you with the right opportunities that will ultimately shape your career, all the way through your working life.

This is what we are here to do, and we have a range of services to support you as a job seeker.

our mantra: our promise

We believe in ensuring great practice, and taking great care of our clients and candidates alike. 

We represent our clients' business with the highest integrity, knowing that a fantastic candidate experience will have an outstanding impact on branding.

Strategically sourcing highly skilled, dedicated, driven, and committed candidates who are the right fit for your team culture. We strive for placement of quality candidates seeking longevity with your company.

It is important to us that we take the time to truly understand our clients workforce needs, and how we can complement that. To do this, it is imperative that we are agile, that we build trust, and a true partnership. We take pride in our ability to consult collaboratively, working with you as an extension of your team

Pushing historical recruitment boundaries, realising opportunities to pivot and innovate, removing outdated strategies and processes that are no longer purposeful, which fail to add value.

our values


We value, and vow to protect the dignity of our people.

We will treat you with the upmost respect, we are inclusive, and have zero tolerance for discrimination.

You are valued, you are important, you will be heard.


Our integrity, our clients' integrity, our candidates' integrity.

We value great representation, and we hold ourselves accountable.

Our integrity allows us to build trust with those around us, and without it; nothing else matters.


Great results and great success come from collaboration.

We are here to work with you, we value our relationships, we hold space for feedback, and we are flexible in our approach to ensure that our projects are collaborative, and our solution is co-created.

And of course

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