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HR Consultation & Support

In addition to our comprehensive Recruitment Solutions, we take great pride in our ability to provide effective HR consultation to Hiring Managers and leaders. Our expert advice encompasses effective communication strategies, best practices, industry policies, market insights, and invaluable guidance to assist them in navigating HR challenges with ease.

PD Creation

The initial step in kickstarting a recruitment drive is to craft a compelling position description that is concise, thorough, attractive, and informative. This document sets the tone for potential employees, helping them understand the role's expectations, responsibilities, compensation, and overall purpose. As part of our services, we can provide expert assistance in creating such documents by collaborating closely with hiring managers, gaining a deep understanding of the role, and ensuring that the position description is well-crafted and effective in attracting the right talent.

Leadership Consultation

At times, leaders may require additional support in developing specific skills to effectively communicate and engage with their staff. We can offer expert guidance in various areas, including effective communication techniques, performance review strategies, disciplinary actions, staff retention strategies, employee well-being initiatives, conflict management, culture and inclusion, team building, and legal obligations. Our tailored approach equips leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully manage their workforce and foster a positive work environment.

Market Insights (Salary)

We offer data-driven market insights on current salary trends, providing valuable information to leaders to support them in justifying any potential budget adjustments when facing candidates with high salary expectations. This enables our clients to effectively address candidate rebuttals and make informed decisions during salary negotiations, ensuring that their compensation offers remain competitive and aligned with the market as well as industry standards.

Organisational Development

From strategic planning and change management to leadership development, wellbeing initiatives, value realignment, and employee engagement, we can provide effective workforce solutions tailored to your unique needs. We work collaboratively with you to assess, design, and implement initiatives that foster a positive work environment, enhance employee productivity, and drive sustainable growth. Partner with us to elevate your workforce capabilities, improve employee satisfaction, and achieve long-term success in today's competitive business landscape.

Policy/Template Creation

Our services extend to providing expert assistance in creating policies, templates, and documents that are crucial for effective employee relations. These include employee contracts, agreements, performance review forms, interview guides, and more. Our offerings are in strict compliance with relevant Acts and guidelines, ensuring that our clients have comprehensive and legally sound resources to manage their workforce effectively and in accordance with the latest regulations.

Employee Relations

Our employee relations consultation services are designed to provide advice, guidance and support in managing relationships between employers and employees. This can be tricky, but can guide you in build a healthy and harmonious work environment, where employees feel supported and motivated to contribute their best. We can support you in assessing ER concerns, encouraging effective performance review processes, addressing disciplinary actions, while mitigating risk.

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